Fire Mapping

The large number of forest fires through out the world,
makes the demand for Airborne Firemapping huge.

Good knowledge of the fire location is essential
in order to develop a strategic and tactical plan
for controlling a forest fire.

In many cases smoke and darkness prevent the
possibilities to determine the perimeter extent.

Swesystem offer Airborne InfraRed mapping systems
that stay uneffected to these conditions.

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The Swesystem cameras are also Radiometric. The radiometric capability offers accurate real time temperature measurement. This is a key feature searching for underground heat.

Recomended Systems

200 LE

200 LE - Compact and High End

The 200 LE is a 4 axis active Gyrostabilized Imaging system.
A High Resolution uncooled Thermal sensor in
combination with a powerful zoom Daylight camera.

The perfect choice for surveillance missions when
weight, size and performance is critical.

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300 LE

300 LE - Compact and High End

The 300 LE is a 4 axis active Gyrostabilized Imaging system.
A High Resolution Cooled Thermal sensor
combined with a Daylight camera, both with powerful continuos zoom.

It is a perfect choice for all kind of surveillance missions where
cutting edge IR and TV sensor technology is required.

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300 HDIR

300 HDIR - Long Wave Radiometric System

The Explore 300 HDIR is a 4-axis active gyrostabilized camera system.

Using a calibrated High Resolution Thermal camera,
Swesystem enables a unique solution with Radiometric capability.

Ideal for temperature measurement applications such as
Powerline inspection, Pipeline inspection, Firemapping, Wildlife Etc.

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Please look at our other products - IR Systems - TV Systems - UV Systems


 - HeliTech Amsterdam
Swesystem will be exhibiting at HeliTech Amsterdam
14-16th of October. Welcome to visit us in booth B63

 - Heli UK in June 3-4th
Swesystem are exhibiting at Heli UK in June 3-4th

 - HeliRussia

Swesystem are exhibiting at HeliRussia 22nd to 24th of May.

 - Video Clip
Video Clip

Please check out following video clip from HeliPro, Finland.
Who operates their SWE 300 system on an R44

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 - New 200-Series
SWESYSTEMS New 200-Series

Swesystem proudly introduce the new ultra small 200mm platform.
A 4-axis gyro-stabilized camera system,
designed for UAVs and similar low weight applications.

Plese contact us for more information.      
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 - Roll stabilisation
Roll stabilisation

Swesystem offer up to 5 axis active stabilization.

The newly developed stabilization system can be complemented with a fifth axis. This feature enables active Roll stabilization, which can be very useful in TV and Broadcast applications.


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MD 500
MD 500 installation.

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Bell 206 Installation
Bell 206, Side Installation

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Powerline Appl.
Bell 206 installation, with the Explore 300.

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Police Application
"Explore 300" on R44 for Russian police

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MD 500 Installation
MD 500 Installation designed by Meeker Aviation

SWESYSTEM - Email: - Phone: +46 70 751 59 82

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