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2016 IEEE PES Conference

Trakka Group aquires Swesystem

Geo-Reference Capabilities

Swesystem will attend the 2016 IEEE PES Conference

More than 700 companies and thousands of professionals from more than 80 countries.around the world will converge on Dallas for the biggest and most collaborative show in the T&D industry. New ideas. Emerging technologies. The most innovative products. May 2-5 2016.

Come visit us in booth: 109


Signifying the exciting coming together of Trakka Corp’s searchlight business with Swesystem’s camera business, both Trakka Corp and Swesystem will now be rebranded as Trakka Systems. This new name is part of the evolution from being product focused to a surveillance solution focused business.

Pressrelease: Trakka Group acquires Swedish camera manufacturer

Geo-Reference Capabilities

Swesystem have developed our own IMU/INS solution, based on accurate fiber optical gyros. This technology enables accurate Geo-Reference capabilities. Ideal for demanding Surveillance applications in combination with Mapping software, but also in regular Powerline inspections work in order to determine the exact position of a fault.

Airborne Gimbal Camera Systems


Swesystem offer in house design and development of Airborne Gimbal camera systems. Fulfilling the demand of Flexible and High End systems, Swesystem today provides active Gyro Stabilization in all our products. With five-axis stabilization, Swesystem offer the latest technology to the customer.


Our Capabilities:


Swesystem are dedicated to find airborne camera solutions that suit our customers demand. In order to be flexible in design and performance Swesystem have developed two different camera plattforms.


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